Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bali Gigolos - Cowboys in Paradise (Snippet of the Official Video)

You make up your own mind - is it prostitution or not?

The location - Bali, Indonesia.

The men in question - the so-called 'Cowboys in Paradise'.

Some of the "cowboys" were featured in a documentary by Singapore-based writer and director Amit Virmani which was released at the South Korean film festival last week. Many snippets of the film (including candid interviews with "beach boys" and the foreign women who befriend them) have gone viral on YouTube.

Following the internet exposure, 28 of the cowboys have been detained, suspected of selling sex to female tourists. Indonesian tourism officials were livid after what they consider an attack on Bali's image as a "family destination".

According to the Chief of Police, "We're always on the beach so we can guess which beach boy may be taking advantage of foreign women... arrests had been made in the past but the suspects had been released "with a stern warning".

He goes on to say, "They will approach foreign female tourists, especially Japanese, on the beach, befriend them and the women will pay for their company and food during their stay here. Sex may be involved".

However in the latest 'crack down', the Chief could not actually explain what charges the arrested "beach boys" could face. He also said that it would be hard to prove that they were in fact selling sex.

The suspected gigolos that were arrested, are described as "young, fit-looking and tanned, mostly surfer beach boys".

Film maker Virmani, said that the boys are "proud of their 'conquests', of being desired by so many. They're always game for a little kiss'n'tell once they know you".


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