Monday, March 22, 2010

Inspirational - 2010 Archibald Finalists

Following on from the article last year here at Aussie Pete (that attracted a huge amount of traffic and inbound links), where I presented the finalists in the 2009 Archibald Prize, please allow me to offer up this year's contenders - once again, I'm absolutely in awe.

For those not familiar with the prize, this is regarded as the most important portraiture prize in Australia. It was first awarded in 1921 after a bequest from J. F. Archibald. Passing away in 1919, Archibald was the editor of "The Bulletin".

2010 Finalists
(click thumbnails to enlarge in correct perspective)

1. Underdog (Danny Green), by Peter Kendall
2. Andrew Upton, by Alexander McKenzie
3. The bequest (Geoff Ostling), by Nick Stathopoulos
4. Glenn in black and white (Glenn A. Baker), by Nafisa
5. Malcolm Fraser, by Robert Hannaford
6. Self portrait with guardian spirits, by Kate Beynon
7. Bishop Elliott and Lady Jacqueline, by Yi Wang
8. The previous life (Terry English), by Apple Yin
9. Self portrait with the picture of dory in grey, by Greg Somers
10. Keith Looby alfresco, by Ian Smith
11. Peter Fitzsimons, author by Peter Smeeth
12. Danie Mellor, true blue country, by Paul Ryan
13. The Prince of Darkness - Warwick Thornton, by Craig Ruddy
14. Stelarc triptych, by Rodney Pople
15. John Olsen - A diptych - part I seated: part II in his bath , by Victor Rubin
16. Kate Ceberano, by Christine O'Hagan
17. Self portrait #2 - dark night of the soul, by Paul Newton
18. Unleashed (Self portrait), by Khue Nguyen
19. The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, by James Money
20. Adam Cullen (bird as prophet), by Nigel Milsom
21. The squire - portrait of Luke Sciberras, by Robert Malherbe
22. Bill Wright AM, by Jasper Knight
23. Tim Minchin, by Sam Leach
24. Michael Zavros, by Cherry Hood
25. C.W. Stoneking, by Carla Fletcher
26. Tim Storrier, by McLean Edwards
27. Self portrait, by Kevin Connor
28. Gareth at the country fair, by Adam Cullen
29. Janice Patersen, by Marc de Jong
30. I wake up with Today!, by Shane Bowden and Dean Reilly
31. Mr Walker, by Kordelya Chi
32. Two eyes - closing to open (Simeon Kronenberg), by Adam Chang
33. The Alternative Ambassadors (Professors Ross Garnaut and Martin Green), by Giles Alexander
34.Jacqueline Fahey, by Martin Bell



Anonymous said...

Wow! I think last years were better though

Marcus said...

Some of them don't even look like paintings. Are they on display anywhere to see in real life?