Sunday, March 28, 2010

Awesome Power Of Nature - Melbourne Hail and Flood (Rare Pictures)

The pictures and videos may not draw much surprise from Victorians, given that there has been much coverage in traditional media and many articles published online, however for all my friends overseas (including my mates in Singapore and China), you may not have seen this awesome display of nature's wrath.

I grew up in Queensland, so I have been caught out before on many occassions in severe hail and rain storms... On the 6th March, 2010, the heavens decided to open on Melbourne city and suburbs.

Hails stones large enough to cause irrepairable damage to cars and property, and to injure many helpless people caught out in the open. This, closely followed by major flash flooding, really does display how small we are as human beings in relation to the fury and power of mother nature (thanks to my Mum for sharing these images with me).

(City Flash Flood)

(Click thumbnails to enlarge)


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Ifat Sharmin said...

Great blog, no doubt..You have nicely told us about the power of nature with photos.