Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Global Expat Blog Ring Is Growing – South American Bloggers On-Board

The ‘mini-project’ I’ve been working on has really taken off recently.
Along with the growing number of readers and subscribers, the ‘Global Expat Blog Ring’ is expanding at a very rapid rate. The latest addition is eight new countries in South America:

- Argentina
- Brazil
- Chile
- Colombia
- Ecuador
- Paraguay
- Peru
- Uruguay


What is the ‘Global Expat Web Ring’?

"There are many blog aggregators across the world-wide web, and there are also many websites dedicated to expat bloggers. However, what has been a source of frustration for so many people, is the fact that it is very difficult to find one site where Expat Bloggers are featured and ONLY Expat Blog posts are aggregated – regardless of their location.

So what we’ve done is created a site that is dedicated specifically to aggregating only the highest quality expat blogs, and we’re doing it on a global scale.

Forget “Culture Shock”!! It’s a thing of the past… embrace “Culture Share”!!

The Global Expat Blog Ring is targeted at anyone who is contemplating relocating to another country, or is already residing somewhere other than their home country and wants advice or assistance from (or just wants to connect with) like-minded people.

As the site grows, more regions and more countries will be added to the Global Expat Blog Ring. We are frantically and diligently crawling the web to find the Expat Blog ‘Stars’."


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