Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working in Singapore – Everything You Needed To Know

OK, so life’s not all fun and games! We all spend a large chunk of our time working to support the life that we so dearly want to enjoy.

One of the most common reasons that people (mainly those from overseas) send me email through my blog, is to ask for advice on working in Singapore. The enquiries usually focus on the various processes required to be eligible to work here, and quite often they come from people who may have been offered an opportunity to move to Singapore with their current company.

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Because we do spend so much time in the workplace, it’s important that we can fit into an environment where it becomes enjoyable to attend each day.

In my experience, the office in which I work is full of friendly, yet professional individuals with similar goals to mine – to be successful and to be an integral part of growing our company and creating wealth, both personally and professionally.

Let me get it straight here… the work ethic in Singapore is very strong. It is my firm belief that to reap rewards, one must be focused, dedicated, diligent and most of all, one must work hard. It does not take long working in the office in Singapore before you realize that nearly all my colleagues (expats and locals alike) understand and share a similar vision. Personally, I do not hold much respect for those that shirk responsibility.

This is why I find working in Singapore very satisfying indeed. Whether you are a professional relocating within a multinational company, or if you are a student or recent graduate – there is most probably something just for you.

Foreign professionals wishing to work in Singapore, first need an Employment Pass (EP). In most cases, the employer will apply for the EP on the employee’s behalf. There is a self assessment test available online to determine if you would qualify. Short-term visits to explore employment opportunities in Singapore are also possible.

Students and recent graduates can investigate the “Work Holiday Program”, which allows university students and recent graduates from overseas to live and work in Singapore for up to six months.

If you want a further incentive, this next one is my ‘ace card’ – tax rates in Singapore are some of the lowest in the world… so (much) more of your hard earned cash ends up in your pocket. When deciding to relocate here three years ago, this was one of the key factors that influenced my decision.

Aussie Pete’s final comment – If you are considering moving to Singapore for work or career reasons, I will encourage you 100% to fully investigate the opportunity, and if it makes sense, take it up – for me, it was a positive, life changing decision that I got right!!

For all you need to know on how to make your career in Singapore, the information is available right here. Check it out!!


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Joshi Takanawa said...

pete - i was reading one of your recent blogs and i stumbled upon the work holiday program in singapore - i had never heard about it previously until i actually looked at your blog...and what do you know ive just finished my teaching degree.

now the next challenge is, are there any opportunity for new graduate teachers from australia to teach in sg????

Aussie Pete said...

Hi Joshi... mate, first of all, my sincere apologies for missing you when you were in SG recently. We were right in the middle of moving apartments, and things were a bit out of control. Definitely, we'll catch up next time. We're now in Fernvale (Sengkang West) as opposed to Woodlands.

As for your question here, I recommend that you click through to the www.sg site from the link in the article. It will take you to a page where you can access the 'Work Holiday Program' website.

I had a quick look, and cannot see any employers in the program specifically for teachers... but I'm not an expert on the program. From reading their info, I think it might be worth your while applying and see what happens (I think there is a $40 fee, but only if the application is successful).

I'd be really interested in knowing how it goes for you (as I'm sure lots of my readers would be too), so be sure to come back here and post your comments on how things transpire.

Kindest regards,


franz2007 said...

can you provide me an idea regarding professional work review, this is needed for the application for safety professional who want to be accredited by the WSH...