Sunday, October 18, 2009

Win a Night's Stay on Sentosa Island

This competition is just too easy!! Simply upload your photos (or videos or audio) to the .SG Interactive Gallery, and you stand a chance to win.

Sentosa Island is Singapore's premier resort destination. "Sentosa" is a Malay word which means "tranquility" (or loosely, "peaceful"), and lies directly southwest and just minutes from the city centre. The island is visited by more than two million tourists a year.

The instructions on how to win this fabulous prize are very clearly outlined step-by-step on the right-hand side of the SG interactive page. There are many galleries from which to choose to upload your pictures. These include:

- People
- Places
- Happenings
- Life in Singapore
- Iconic Singapore
- Singapore my Home

...and within each category are further deeper-dive categories. For example, I loaded a picture of Jaime with me at Jurong Bird Park into the 'Places' Gallery under the 'Zoo and Bird Park' Sub-Gallery. I've also uploaded a few others, but I'll let my readers find them for themselves (can give you a couple of hints - one is of Sammi and Jaime at Marina Barrage. One is of me playing footy for the Singapore Wombats at Turf City).

***NB: Once your photos are uploaded, they need to be 'moderated', so you may not see my pics for another day or so. Once they're there, feel free to add a 'thumbs up' to any of Aussie Pete's photos... also, be sure to let me know if you add any pics or videos, and I can try and help other give you the 'thumbs up' as well.


Be sure to share this with all your family and friends, and encourage them to vote (thumbs up) for your pictures, as well as upload their own - "Capture your fun moments in Singapore & Join the Contest!" - anyone who partcipates stands a chance at the free night at Sentosa!!

So, as the page says, "Snap// Shoot// Scribble + Upload & Win".

Great luck to all of you that enter!! Remember, Singapore truly is 'beautiful all the time"!!


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Joseph Loh said...

I wanna win. i wanna win. i wanna win. put in a good word for me pete?

Anita Ng said...

will tell my friends too