Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bring On The Weekend - *Decisions, Decisions*

"All work and no play makes Pete a dull boy!!"... since first stepping foot off our SQ flight from Australia three years ago, we've 'been there, done that' - but we're a far cry from having done it all.

Every Friday brings with it a buzz - an air of excitement that the weekend is back again, and with it comes the tough decision of where to kick back and spend our time. There are so many choices of things to do and places to go, that if we're not careful we can become all-consumed with this decision-making process.

The best thing to do, is to try and not be too 'spontaneous'. Plan ahead, and every activity can be savoured for what it's worth.

Now I've already mentioned that one half of my marriage loves to shop - the other half loves to play footy (the Australian Rules variety) - there are no second guesses on who loves to do what!! So to meet at common ground, we often take up the 'family day' philosophy and take in any one of the many attractions available to us.

I've written many articles about the things that we've done on weekends and places we've visited (even outside of those activities involving food). I've also posted swags of photo galleries on Facebook depicting our fun and games... from Sentosa to Jurong Bird Park... from the Singapore Zoo to Marina Barrage... so do yourself a favour - familiarize yourself with the many weekend attractions and activities, and get out and about and enjoy life to it's fullest.

Below are just a selection of pictures from the countless escapades and adventures that we've embarked upon while living in Singapore.


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Snapshots from Aussie Pete's Weekend Adventures

SENTOSA (Click thumbnails to enlarge):

CRUISING SINGAPORE RIVER (Click thumbnails to enlarge):

MARINA BARRAGE (Click thumbnails to enlarge):

JURONG BIRD PARK (Click thumbnails to enlarge):

SINGAPORE ZOO (Click thumbnails to enlarge):

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