Friday, September 18, 2009

The Great Singapore Treasure Hunt – My Childhood Dream Comes True

As kids, we tend to go through some very strange phases, and although as parents we may often have trouble understanding what’s going through our own children’s minds, we need to remember that we ourselves, in our early years, had the most sanest of reasons for everything we did.

One of these phases that I went through with a couple of my best mates, was to dig up back yards in search of hidden treasure. First inspired by a news story of a lady in America discovering a large sum of money buried on her property (supposedly for more than a century), combined with the attractive youth fantasies of pirates and swashbuckling, we had it in our minds that there is no reason why a band of pirates couldn't have landed near our homes decades or even centuries earlier (we lived on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland right near the beach), hidden their booty under a couple of feet of earth and either forgotten it, or died in battle without divulging the location or having a chance to draw one of those infamous treasure maps (where ‘X’ marks the spot).

So dig we did!! Utilizing small buckets and spades, and then later large shovels and picks, we began to excavate chosen spots in our parents’ manicured lawns and well-tended gardens (much to their behest).

Needless to say, we had no success in our quest for life changing riches…. We did have success in getting ‘swift kicks up the bum’ from our parents for destroying the yards – especially when our attempts of filling the holes back in amounted to no more than covering the sites with grass divots (as my Dad discovered while mowing the lawn one day, badly twisting his ankle and having to miss a couple of days off work).

Anyway, I digress!! The intention of this article if not to offer up ramblings of my childhood lunacies (which would probably be more suited to the sofa in a psychiatrist’s office), but to talk about how my long lost dreams have now eventuated to a form of reality in Singapore!!

The Great Singapore Treasure Hunt!! – the title speaks for itself…essentially, what these people have done, is hidden S$10,000, along with some other absolutely awesome treasures and prizes all around Singapore. Yes, you read that correctly!! – hidden somewhere in Singapore is a booty ten thousand ‘smackeroonies’!! (how many kids – or adults – are running to get their picks and shovels now I wonder??)

The fun and games all started on Sunday, 6 September. To date, they already have around 20,000 fans on their Facebook page (where all the daily action and announcements occur). There are absolutely no catches - the fastest person to decode the clue wins everyday. Some days the hunts happen online, but most of the time they occur on the ground of the ‘little red dot’.

So, don’t delay, become a fan of this fast-growing Facebook group today… I certainly have, and there’s no reason that you or I could not walk away with the grand prize of S$10,000!! As the saying goes, you’ve ‘gotta be in it to win it’.

Click here to become a fan and take part in the exciting action (let me know if you’re a winner of any of the prizes after reading this article and joining, and I'll be sure to feature you on the Aussie Pete blog) :D

Click here to view a selection of videos that have been uploaded showing a heap of the fun so far, as well as some of the people who have walked away with prizes to date (Winners really are grinners)!!!


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Rhett said...

That is reason enough for me, I think a trip to Singapore is up next. Also the pirate dreams never go away I still fly a pirate flag from my sail boat. The kids love it!
Rhett out