Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dance Flick!! Consumer Warning – Be Prepared For Deep Belly Laughs

Thanks once again to the OMY Blog Awards team, last week I had the opportunity to view a special VIP preview of the Wayans Brothers latest movie, “Dance Flick”.

Now before I attended, I must say that the expectation was that this parody would be in the realm of other ‘spoofs’ such as “Scary Movie” or “Disaster Movie”… both of these flicks bring on the giggles, but with most of the gags almost predictable.

I was very wrong in my expectations… right from the ‘get go’, nothing was predictable, and by the end my ribs were hurting from the deep down belly laughs.

The evening was one of the very rare occasions where Sammi (my wife) and I managed to get a ‘leave pass’ and have a night out without our baby (note that the movie is rated NC16, and with very good reason).

Not wanting to spoil the movie for everyone else, all I can say is that the humour reminded me of something, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t until Sammi came out and said, “this reminds me of South Park”… that was it!!!

The style of humour is very similar to that of the absolute comedy genius of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of the animated sitcom, “South Park”.. the kind of content that both shocks and entertains on a number of levels.

For those of you who view “Dance Flick” when it comes into cinemas on September 3rd in Singapore (which I strongly recommend that you do), let me tell you to watch out for Mrs Cameltoe… her name speaks for itself… an extremely talented beatboxer, who performs without even moving her lips… hmmm… or does she??? (*Aussie Pete is belly laughing again right now thinking about this*)

Also, what happens when a pregnant girl breakdances on her stomach (a variation on the classic move, headspin)… at least the baby’s Daddy cares greatly… or does he???

Enough said, book your tickets early… take a box of tissues to catch your laughter tears… and be careful eating popcorn, lest you end up choking and require first aid… this is the best comedy that I’ve seen in years – hands down!!!

In cinemas on 3rd September!!
Rating: NC16
Consumer advice: Sexual references


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Rhett said...

Thanks for the review I am going to have to get all my buddies together and go check it out. I do not think my wife would be into it. Though she liked the original.
Rhett out