Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top 10 You Tube Knockouts

Firstly, my sincere apologies to those readers of mine that don't like to witness violence in sports... for those of you, I suggest you stop reading this article now.

For everybody else, it's no secret that I love my contact sports - both as a spectator and a participant. Thank goodness I've only ever been knocked out cold just once in my life - it really isn't a pleasant experience at all.

I've put together my very own 'Top 10 Knockout Videos' that I've seen on YouTube. I'm sure many of you have seen others that are just as spectacular - if so, please add as a link in your comment. I've focussed predominately on boxing and ultimate fighting knockouts (for the entertainment factor) - if I included football knockouts, the list would probably need to be much, much longer.

So to all the hardened fans of very physical contact sports - please enjoy this article. Cheers!!

1. Gay Knockout

This guy gets knocked out after he kisses his opponent. Very funny

2. Ice Hockey - One Punch Knock Out

Downey knocks this guy Boulerice out with 1 swing

3. Double Knockout

Tyler Bryan vs Shaun Parker Legends of Fighting, Indianapolis

4. Great Combo and Twirling Knockout

The first combination results in a good knockdown. But look out for the knockout punch, which lands and spins the boxer round as he falls onto his face. Amazingly he gets up, but the referee has to catch him and stops the fight.

5. Bitch Slap Knockout!
This is what happens when you can't control your alcohol!!

6. Pimp KO
Pimp gets knocked out by Karate master, Jay Lee.

7. Mike Tyson Best Knockouts

8. Butterbean Knockouts
Awesome knockouts by the reknowned fighter who goes by the name BUTTERBEAN...

9. Knocked Out With First Punch
A fighter knocks out another one with the first punch of the fight. It is hard to see in the beginning but watch the replay to really see it and get a better angle.

10. Fastest Ultimate Fighting Knockout Ever

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