Monday, June 29, 2009

Magical Wonder With Birds

Last Saturday night, the family and I trekked across to the west to attend the latest live show at the Jurong Bird Park. Having never been to a live magic or illusion show, it was in fact something quite amazing to behold.

“Illusionist Extraodinaire”, Priscilla Khong led us, along with quite a large crowd at the Park’s “Pools Amphitheatre” on a journey of light, sound and spectacular magic combined with some of the fine-feathered creatures that call Jurong Bird Park their home.

I’ve attached below some of the pictures that we took of the stage and audience (and Sammi & Jaime) from the night’s event… but please don’t tell the bird park authorities – they clearly requested people not to take pictures or videos during the show (whoops).

I won't comment on the illusions themselves, because I don't want to take away the element of surprise for those who are yet to see the show!!! Do yourself a favour - check this out with the family...


• The variety and quality of the tricks and illusions was excellent

• The professionalism and showmanship of Ms Khong, her dancers and the bird handlers was top notch

• The venue was well equipped – easy access to cold drinks and bathroom facilities

• ‘Apprentice’ magicians roamed the crowd performing up-close tricks for patrons while waiting for the main show to begin

• Superb quality lighting and sound system


• The show started almost 15-min late (this was due to the night sky not being dark enough, however I had to attend another even near Clark Quay immediately after this one, and time was very much of an essence)

• In one of the tricks, the box used failed to open immediately for one of the dancers, which took away slightly from the impact of the illusion (I’m sure will be fixed in future shows)


8 / 10 – Recommended Family Event



A widely acclaimed professional female magician, Priscilla Khong has been honing her skills from young, picking up the craft from her father, Lawrence Khong, and various legendary master magicians. The talented illusionist has been performing on stage since 2001, incorporating her background in various dance forms to design visually stunning shows that thread each magic routine with complementary music and props. The seamless choreography gives audience a multi-sensory magic extravaganza every time.



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