Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Better Never Complain About Trains Running Late - You Might Come Across This Violent Driver!!

Far be it from me to offer a one-sided account of the "shocking" video footage of a commuter being allegedly bashed by a train driver at Melbourne's Flinders St Station (as aired on Channel 7), it's important to note that other 'witnesses' have claimed that the footage was 'doctored' so as not to show the provocation of the commuter.

13-year-old Mitchell Smith captured the footage on his cell phone after the commuter in question apparently 'approached' the driver to complain about Connex's cancelled 3.33pm service to Werribee.

The driver is reported to have left his cabin and followed the passenger to the platform where he allegedly repeatedly punched and kicked the man on the ground.

The commuter suffered serious head injuries including a broken nose and fractured jaw.

According to a Connex spokesperson, "We pulled the service because someone had vomited in one of the carriages and it needed to be cleaned. It stemmed from that".

The driver has been suspended from duty while the incident is being investigated.

After viewing the Channel 7 footage, one would automatically assume that the driver truly is at fault and should be punished to the full extent of the law. However, what apparently has not been shown is the full CCTV footage which has been handed over to the Victorian police.

According to some netizens (and not verified by Aussie Pete):

"How convenient that no one caught footage of the passenger provoking and headbutting the driver. He tried to walk away twice and was hassled by this guy.
Pieter1371's comment is right, the CCTV cameras would have caught it all and will be used in court. Let the courts deal with it and see the result. As for the channel Seven news report...well sensationalism sells and the facts should never get in the way of a good story."

"Channel 7 should be charged with misleading the public under the trade practices act. Why was the whole video not shown?? The driver was headbutted and repeatedly assaulted by this person before any of this reaction happened. Typical of channel 7. Never let the facts get in the way of sensationalized crap."

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1 comment:

BananaBender said...

I do not believe any rubbish news from Ch 7, 9 and Ten after an incident where I was a witness, Ch 7 succeed in twisting and sensationalising a story to make it more newsworthy and less factual.

Thank goodness we still have ABC.