Saturday, March 21, 2009

How Safe Is Your Job? And I Don't Mean 'Secure', I Really Mean SAFE!!!

Thanks once again to my friends at news.com.au for this one... I wonder how many of these employers passed their Workplace 'Health and Safety Audits'? Most of the pictures speak for themselves - no commentary needed...

DANGEROUS JOBS - From 18th place to 1st:
[Click thumbnails for larger images]

18. The Air-Conditioner Installers.

17. The Delivery Man

16. The Grinder

15. The Mason

14. The Welder

13. The Aircraft Mechanic

12. The Shooting Gallery Assistant

11. The Erection Team

10. The Power Cable Installers

9. The WMD Warehouse Manager

8. The Biological Weapons Expert

7. The Construction Site Worker

6. The Shipyard Mechanics

5. The Painters

4. The Luggage Handler

3. The Car Mechanic

2. The Electrician

1. Taking the NUMBER 1 position - The City Council Maintenance Team

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