Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lost Your Keys Again? Absolutely No Problem with Fingerprint Locks!

Picture this scenario: After a fun night out with friends watching the State of Origin football at the sports bar, you make it home very late in the evening. All is going well, the traffic was light, the cab driver friendly. Then, just as you fumble about in your pockets to grab your house keys, you have a 'movie moment'... the kind of moment where the camera zooms in onto the bar that you so recently departed, and focuses in on the house keys that you left there when you were pulling change from your pocket some hours earlier!!

What to do next? - do you call the bar and ask if they have your keys in lost property? Do you head all the way back from the Causeway to Clarke Quay in the hope that you might find them? Do you risk forcing your way into your own apartment and have the neighbours calling police because someone is trying to access your front door with no keys? Or do you call a 24-hour locksmith to come out and let you into your apartment (costing an absolute bomb)?

As a frequent business traveller, I once had one of these 'movie moments' when I arrived home from the airport, where the camera in my head zoomed in onto the sink in the bathroom of the hotel that I stayed at in Chennai, India. No quick retrieval in that instance, and I was forced to call the locksmith.

Well here's the solution... forget about carrying house keys altogether!! The latest technological craze in home security is the answer to avoiding such frustrating and embarrassing scenarios. Now this may seem like something straight out of a James Bond movie or a Get Smart episode, but it is in fact real and affordable, and is all the rage with homebuyers across the globe - the fingerprint lock.

Fingerprint locks are available for commercial and residential purposes alike. Used for deadbolts, latches and mortises. They are also know as part of the family of 'Biometric' locks.

Not only does this technology allow for more peace of mind due to a much higher level of security than a standard key lock, the fingerprint lock also allows for individual programming for all family members. And if you are like my family who travels regularly, temporary access can be given to other people as necessary (I always rely on my mate Daniel, who kindly looks after our home and tends to our indoor plants - thanks buddy!).

Aussie Pete gives the fingerprint lock the 'thumbs up' (parden the pun) and recommends it to all of his readers (just hope no-one is desperate enough to access my home, that they consider chopping off one or more of my fingers - aka the movie 'Yakuza').


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