Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jaime Zheng Jiayang - A Child ‘Super Star’ Is Born

Yesterday we attended the photo studio in Shanghai where Jaime had his pictures taken (along with a few of his Mummy and Daddy) for the largest baby and infant magazine in China.

The pictures will be used in the issue to be published at the end of February, and will be the images accompanying a 16-page article on child health – healthy eating and nutrition.

The magazine, know as健康准妈妈—婴儿 (pinyin “Jian Kang zhun Ma Ma – Ying Er, English translation “Healthy Pregnant Mummy – Infant”) is the infants’ version of a series of magazines, and has absolutely (mind-boggling) huge circulation across all of China mainland.

His behaviour for the entire photo shoot was extraordinary given what was required of a child of his age and the time it took for the session. He did everything asked of him on queue.

Although we are not allowed to publish any of the pictures on the internet in China until after the magazine issue has been published, I feel confident that I am ok to do so here on my blog now, given that Aussie Pete cannot currently be accessed through the GFW from the mainland, and the magazine’s circulation is restricted to China. So please find below a selection of some of the pictures – hundreds of images were captured, but we are not sure at this stage which ones will be used in the final magazine publication.

(Aside: Jaime bumped his head on the coffee table before we left Singapore, and in some pics the mark can still be seen – I suspect these will be photo-shopped out for inclusion in the magazine, along with some of Daddy’s wrinkles I hope :D)

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