Monday, January 19, 2009

Even Computer Nerds Get Tattooed

This weekend just gone by, I took the opportunity to visit 'Body Decor' at the Heeren Shops, and the very talented artist, Valerie, added a new tattoo to my personal 'body canvas' collection.

However, I chose something very personal to my family and me to get inked on my body forever - I certainly wouldn't follow the same course as the latest in a line of computer geeks celebrating their online love. This to me just seems to wierd to me - perhaps it's time for these people to go out and get a real life outside of cyberspace?

(Thanks to News.com for the images - Click to Enlarge)

Robot love ... "Kommodore", aka Natalie Thompson, decided to get a tattoo of the Android mascot from Google's mobile phone platform on her left wrist.
Her MySpace page has been inundated with admirers after she was covered on technology blog Engadget.com.

Power on ... it won't take long to turn this man on - he has the Macintosh power button tattooed on the inside of his left forearm. The owner said the tattoo took almost 12 hours to complete. "It looks like it's shiny metal and embedded brutally in my left forearm," he said.

Hardcore gamer ... who says video games aren't an art form? Fujoshi pays homage to video gaming world with this vividly colourful tattoo that draw on icons that all we know and love, including Mario, Zelda, and Katamari.

Anatomically correct ... another HTML tattoo describes the end of the head, and the beginning of the body.

Mac Maniac ... it seems this avid Mac user will not be switching to Microsoft Windows anytime, if this Apple-themed tattoo is anything to go by. It's a small symbol taken from the Command key on a Macintosh keyboard.

Plug in ... this tattoo, depicting an ethernet socket, has an interesting position - it's located right above a main arm vein. It has one advantage though, a doctor can easily plug in if he ever needs to draw blood.

Out of this world... nothing says retro like a classic alien tattoo from Space Invaders. According to the owner, "Blakespot", his first geek tattoo had a lot of input when choosing the tattoo. "It's not that I'm a huge Space Invaders fan per se, the icon just seems to well represent the three things I was going for: gaming, retro computing, and the 80s in general - a sort of crude petroglyph found on the walls of the cave of computing history."

Love/Hate ... using HTML code as inspiration, this two-handed tattoo can be loosely translated as "begin love, end hate". However, HTML-monkeys will note that this code would be invalid.

Love is pain ... according to the owner of this particular geek tattoo, "I picked that spot since it's behind my actual heart. It's Gill Sans, which is one of my favorite fonts and I picked black since it's a text based heart and black seemed more pure to that."

An apple a day ... Powerbooktrance takes brand seduction to a new level with this Mac love tattoo Apple logo. "For those other graphic designers the size of the tattoo is Times New Roman at 115 point type," he said.

Knowledge is power ... another symbol of power, this time complete with circuitry.

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Anonymous said...

so whats your tattoo then? :)
I went to the Tattoo Convention here 2 weeks ago, impressive, you would have liked it :)

Aussie Pete said...

Hi AngryAngMo... I've got a few different tattoos that I've colected over the years (mainly to do with my old martial arts background and moments in time that were very special to me, including the passing of my old sparring partner and very close friend). This weekend just gone by I decided to get my baby's name on my right arm... english name (jaime) horizontally and then chinese name (zheng jiayang) - 郑家洋 - vertically (and larger).... with a little bit of an artistic flavour to make it more interesting :D

We actually did go to the show the other weekend, but arrived too early, then headed over to Pasir Ris for our baby to play. The girl who tattooed me was working at the show alongside a couple of the big names from the US.

So do you have any tatts mate?

Anonymous said...

Can you post us a picture of your new tattoo, Pete? Wanna see!!!