Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who's Tougher? - The Possum Or The Python?

A python and a possum have fought a battle to the death in a suburban back yard.

Who won? - Actually it was a 'no contest'. In the end, the snake left the suburban backyard just a little bit heavier.

The struggle ... the possum bit and scratched the snake but had little chance of winning

Snake wins ... after killing the possum the snake dropped it from the tree in a back yard in the Brisbane suburb of Kuraby

Big meal ... the snake took about an hour to eat the marsupial

Swallowed whole ... the possum had been feasting on macadamia nuts before it became the snake's dinner

Nature takes its course ... the snake was not disturbed as it ate its prey

Full ... the snake leaves the back yard a little bit heavier


Anonymous said...

Images taken @ 2200 at night using a Sony 200 Digital Camera by Peter Liddle. Also shot video footage a couple of years previously of large Pyton eating a flyingfox in his fron yard. It took about an hour for the snake to finish the possum and go of to digest its meal. Feel free to send the images to who ever is interested.

Anonymous said...

I love pythons, and other snakes. Could you send the pics to orcayiffing@yahoo.com so I can add them to my feeding habits research files?

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I have something eating my macadamia nuts & trying to work out if it is possom or rats. can you please tell me what is left of the shell when the possom has eaten it please ?
Thanks, Sue in New Zealand