Monday, October 6, 2008

Top 25 Most Voluptuous Vixens

On October 5, at 7.30pm (EDST), Channel E in association with Associated Press, announced the list of the world's Top 25 "Most Voluptuous Vixens".

The list (in order) is as follows:

1. Sofia Vergara is E!'s most voluptuous woman.

2. French beauty Laetitia Casta comes a close second in the race for top voluptuous vixen.

3. Self-proclaimed socialite princess Kim Kardashian has used her sultry curves to great effect, and has her own show Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E!

4. Lonely Hearts star Salma Hayek will never be left on her own with vivacious curves such as hers.

5. "Queen of Burlesque", Dita Von Teese, heads the top five most voluptuous women.

6. Possibly a shock inclusion, Actress Kate Winslet just misses out on a top five finish.

7. Eva Mendes is no stranger to showing off her sultry curves, having appeared nude for a PETA campaign against using animal fur for clothes.

8. Despite a nude photo scandal that threatened to derail her career, Cuban glamour Vida Guerra has shown off her sexy body in a variety of magazines including FHM and Playboy.

9. It may surprise that Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai came second in India's Miss World contest but she deservedly makes her way into E!'s top ten.

10. Manuela Arcuri is one voluptuous vixen you don't want to mess with - she holds a black belt in karate.

11. Despite being voted the sexiest woman in the world by FHM magazine Scarlett Johansson just misses out on a top ten finish in the most voluptuous list.

12. Beyonce Knowles is one of the queens of shaking her booty, and deserves her spot just outside the top 10.

13. Italian model Monica Belluci initially wanted to become a lawyer before having a change of heart and falling into the modelling business. And aren't we grateful for that.

14. Spanish beauty Paz Vega is best known for her performance as Flor Moreno in the film Spanglish.

15. Singer Jennifer Lopez has always been known for her curvy booty, and sultry dance moves.

16. Jessica Biel shot to fame as a youngster on the squeaky clean US show Seventh Heaven. Now she shows off a sexier side.

17. US singing sensation Mariah Carey is not only shooting up the music charts, she's making an hourglass curve up E!'s voluptuous list as well.

18. Wardrobe malfunctions at the Superbowl don't hold back this voluptuous vixen, as Janet Jackson makes it to 18 on E!'s list.

19. Miami Vice star Gong Li shows off a glittering smile that matches her sultry curves.

20. Puerto Rican beauty Roselyn Sanchez certainly doesn't leave the room Without A Trace when showing off her voluptuous body.

21. Puerto Rican beauty Roselyn Sanchez certainly doesn't leave the room Without A Trace when showing off her voluptuous body.

22. America's Next Top Model host Tyra Banks strutted her bust on the catwalk for over 15 years.

23. Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl showed off curves of a different kind in Hollywood comedy Knocked Up.

24. Busty babe Patricia Velasquez actually placed seventh in the 1989 Venuzuela Beauty Pageant before starting on a successful modelling career.

25. Carmen Electra scrapes in the list at 25, in the most voluptuous list to be revealed on E! on October 5, at 7.30pm (EDST).




Anonymous said...

hubba hubba...

Anonymous said...

what do they mean vixens? some of the older ones look good for their age.

Miguel Werner Egipsy Souza Agnelo said...

You repeated Roslyn Sanchez, and missed out Catherine zeta jones!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by Aishwarya Rai coming in second at the miss world???...she won the miss world title in 1994...she is the most beautiful woman in the world!!!....

Thony "Peanut" Adams said...


Aussie Pete said...

Thanks for the observation, Anthony... I note now that Werner also picked this up back in Feb, but I alsi missed the comment. Will rectify when I can. Cheers! :p

Anonymous said...

All have to say is where is Rose McGowan there is not much more voluptuous then her.