Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why Singaporeans Should Not Drive A Ferrari In Malaysia

In Malaysia, a Singaporean couple were on a pleasant drive to a hill resort for a holiday when their vacation turned into a nightmare. If it wasn't bad enough that their Ferrari was damaged in an accident, they were then also robbed as well.

On Friday, the couple were travelling in their 'head-turning' vehicle, when it collided with another vehicle about to 274km along the North-South Expressway. The smash was not life-threatening, but it did do some significant damage to the front-end of the Ferarri.

Almost immediately after the accident had occurred, two men wearing baseball caps arrived in a Mercedes Benz and began shouting at the couple.

It was reported that one of them was holding a piece of wood and smashed it against the Ferrari, before then turning on the driver and assaulting him. The Singaporean man had already sustained injuries as a result of the accident.

The suspects then fled the scene after stealing several items from inside the Ferrari.

The woman passenger was so frightened, that she ran away when she saw the two men approaching their car. She was uninjured in the incident.

State police chief SAC I Datuk Osman Salleh confirmed the incident but added that full details were still no available.

Believe it or not, the investigations so far, have revealed that the two men had actually impersonated Customs enforcement officers.

The moral of the story - don't drive a Ferrari in Malaysia. What is this world coming to??


Anonymous said...

We guys know very well that Malaysia, unlike Singapore, is highly disturbed by sky-rocketing crime rates.

Even if you drive a Chinese-made car into Malaysia, it won't assure that your are safe, let alone of driving a Ferrari or other luxury cars.

The Malaysian police force is ineffective in flushing out those on-the-loose criminals. This country is becoming unsafe for rich Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

it shows that some sinkaporeans have the money to buy fast car but not the skill to handle one. imagine a 1 million dollar ferrari being outgunned by the merc. what a shame. the papers in singapore reported that he crashed due to bad weathers, but i say he crash due to bad driving skill.

Anonymous said...

True and accurate story here,

Anonymous said...


Aussie Pete said...

Hi - there was actually more than one incident... the one you have linked is in regards to the convoy... this couple were travelling alone and was reported yesterday on Asiaone website. They reported the other one today.



Anonymous said...

The drivers forgot to add an important sticker on their Ferraris and Maseratis:

"Please steal my car and rob me"