Thursday, September 25, 2008

Warning: Making Love Outdoors Can Kill You

Let this be a warning to all you daring young and old couples alike! If you do choose to take a chance, and make love outdoors, do NOT under any circumstances do so on railway tracks. Besides being quite uncomfortable for mind, you might just fail to notice that errant freight train approaching.

This was the case for a couple who chose to have sex on railway tracks in South Africa.

According to Superintendent Abie Khoabane, the train driver saw the couple from a distance and repeatedly hooted "but they continued with their business".

Police identified the couple as 25-year old Mduduzi Michael Bandezi and 25-year old Sibongile Radebe.

Mr Bandezi died immediately while Ms Radebe died later at hospital, Superintendent Khoabane said.

Mr Bandezi's half-naked body was found with a condom still on, Sowetan said.

The pair had been having sex at an unused railway station. But the railway lines were still occasionally used by goods trains. The unmanned station was known to be a haven for sex workers.

"The spot was littered with scores of used condoms when police arrived at the scene of the gruesome death of an alleged prostitute and her client on Friday night".

Mr Bandezi and Ms Radebe had met that night at a local tavern, Superintendent Khoabane said. About 11pm, Mr Bandezi's brother reportedly told him that it was time to leave the pub, but Mr Bandezi's replied that he had some business to finish, before leaving with Ms Radebe.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you heard of the phrase "die cock stand", certainly the case here.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound much like lovemaking, so much as it sounds like f**king.