Monday, September 8, 2008

Stripper Rapes 'Best Man' At A Buck's Party

This is very bizarre an not for the faint of heart. The court hearing of a 39-yo female stripper accused of raping a man at a buck's party has begun in a closed courtroom of the Melbourne Magistrate's Court.

Linda Maree Naggs is accused of sexually penetrating him with a sex toy during the party on the Mornington Peninsula last year.

According to one of the attendees, the group was behaving in a mature fashion and was not over the top or aggressive during the strip-tease act by Ms Naggs.

Ms Naggs undressed and rubbed her breasts in the best man's face, who was encouraged to be a part of the act by the groom and made sit on a chair. So far, everything was going as planned, and the best man was happy and smiling.

The best man then ended up on all fours, with Ms Naggs riding him 'like a horse' and holding a sex toy. He foresaw what might happen next and said to her "don’t put it in".

Just seconds later, the best man made his best pained face and got up quickly. He called Ms Naggs an idiot and told her she must leave the party.

A scuffle broke out, with Ms Naggs throwing punches, and she the threatened to call in her bikie mates to assist her.

After the bizzare event, the best man went to a bathroom and discovered that he was bleeding in a very private place.

The case continues tomorrow...

Footnote - 39 years old??? Brings more tears to the eyes than the bikini shot of Sarah Palin making the rounds on the internet!!

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Anonymous said...

That picture of Palin is scary - is it real?