Friday, August 1, 2008

Pest Controller Eats Bugs and Termites To Survive

It seems like the survival techniques of missing Pest Controller cum Gold Prospector, Theo Rosmulder are getting much airplay and attention in the international media. Well, I'm here to tell you that eating bugs in the Australian outback has been going on for years, and we were even taught how to identify what is edible and what is not at an early age (back when I was growing up - perhaps times have changed)... :D

At the bottom of this article is an embedded video courtesy of National Geographic showing bugs being served as 'treats' - "Going to The Candy Shop?"


Mr Rosmulder, a 52-year-old pest controller from Yarrawonga in Victoria ventured out for a day to search for gold in a very remote area of outbook Western Australia.

His adventure turned to an ordeal, and a real life fight for survival, when he disappeared without any food, water, matches or technology such as GPRS equipment.

He shivered through four cold nights as searchers in planes, riding motorbikes, and in four-wheel-drives scoured a vast expanse of desert country 400km north of Kalgoorlie, an area known to be strewn with mine shafts and open pits.

After real fears for his safety, he was reunited with his wife (Pauline) yesterday after being discovered by an Aborigine from the Mulga Queen Community. He was found 10km from the "Sweet Nell" campsite.

According to Mr Rosmulder' duaghter-in-law (Michelle), his knowedge of insects from being a bug-catcher, helped him determine which bugs were safe to eat. She went on to say that "the family was overjoyed at the news".

At this point, it's not known whether the Aborigine was tracking him or if he found him by accident. Aborigines have been well acknowledged for two centuries for their uncanny ability to track even in the harshest of environments.

Police Sgt Graham Clifford said Mr Rosmulder decided to sit and wait on a rock for three days after realising he was lost.

"He had seen a number of search planes on a number of occasions and waved at them with his shirt and jeans, but they didn't see him".

The Rosmulder family have been prospecting for gold with another Yarrawonga couple since June of this year. The area is extremely popular with gold prospectors, with hundreds of hopefuls visiting each week.

Laverton is located on the western edge of the Great Victoria Desert. It was first established as a gold mining town during the gold rush in the 1850s.

One California man would like more of us to eat insects. He even adds
them to the ingredients of candy in his candy store.

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