Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drunk in Hong Kong - Losing Fingers And Sex With Park Benches

Well, it seems that going out drinking in Hong Kong can be frought with danger - of the most bizarre kind. Firstly, get drunk and vomit in a taxi in HK? Then there's a real good chance that the cabbie might just well bite your finger off. Or if you're feeling lonely and horny, why not make love to an inanimate object, only to get yourself embarrassingly stuck to the park bench.

These may be stories that could make satirical late night comedy TV, but unbelievably these things actually happened recently. Read on...

Taxi Driver Admits Biting Off Aussie Passenger's Fingertip

The Hong Kong cabbie bit off the fingertip of a drunken Australian passenger who refused to clean up vomit from the taxi, a court report said today.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post, the fingertip was later recovered by police from the vomit and sewn back on.

The taxi driver, 54-yearl-old Hui Man-yu, appeared today in court after admitting inflicting grievous bodily harm on the passenger, Australian Caleb Chau. He was convicted and sentenced to 160 hours of community service.

Hui claimed that he had only wanted Chau to clean up the mess that the passenger had made by vomiting in the taxi. In response, Chau began mocking Hui, spat at him and put him in an armlock, which is when the cabbie bit him.

"I couldn't breathe or move my head. ... I never meant to hurt him," Chau told the court.

The prosecution had claimed the passenger only hit Chau after the bite, but the magistrate said the passenger's account was inconsistent. The court accepted that the trouble in the taxi ride in November last year was initiated by the passenger, rather than the driver.

Man Gets Stuck 'Having Sex With Bench'

According to all reports, a "lonely and disturbed" Hong Kong man, 42-year-old Le Xing, had to call police to try and free him after his penis got stuck in a park bench he had apparently tried to have sex with.

It took four hours for emergency workers to try and free the man after he attempted to use a hole in the exercise bench to masturbate in a deserted park after dark.

When it became apparent that he could not be freed, even after having blood drained from his penis, he was eventually taken to hospital with the bench's 2.5-metre-long metal base still attached to him.

Doctors said the poor guy was lucky to still have a penis after the embarrassing incident, which was reported in lurid detail by several Chinese-language papers in HK.

Photographs showed rescue workers carrying him to an ambulance on the metal sheet, covered in a red blanket.


Anonymous said...

I've never been that drunk - but I did lose the tip of my finger once.

Anonymous said...

This is really funny stuff. I always thought only westerners have sex with stuff like lamp posts and bicycles. I was wrong.

Aussie Pete said...

Hehe - seems like it's cross-cultural. :p

Brown Sugar said...

I bet his bed is full of holes! Heh.