Thursday, August 21, 2008

'Boobs On Bikes' - Won't See This On Orchard Road

It was so very difficult finding appropriate pictures and videos for this article to fit with the Singapore conservative society. Over 100,000 workers took time off their busy schedules in Auckland, New Zealand today to witness and enjoy the annual "Boobs on Bikes" parade. The parade featured about one hundred porn stars and drag queens cruising the city's busy main street on motorbikes.

As predicted, the crowd was predominately male, most of them trying their hardest for photo opportunities.

As is the usual custom, the conservatives did their best to try and have the parade banned, but to no avail. Ironically, it was a female judge who finally ruled that the parade was not "legally offensive".

Steve Crow, the self-proclaimed and self-styled "porn king" had already made the decision that he was going to stage the parade with or without a council permit, as part of the "Erotica Expo" event.

At one stage, protesters began throwing eggs at the organizer. Around 50 women led the protest march against pornography in front of the parade, but aside from the egg-throwing incident, did little to dampen the crowd's spirits, which was lined six-deep and contained by police.

On the egg-throwing, tongue-in-cheek, Mr Crow (who led the parade in a black convertible) said, "I'm glad to see people are exercising their freedom of expression. I told the girls beforehand to keep the jiggling to a minimum and not to do anything that would be deemed offensive".

Construction workers were seen watching from building sites and office workers were leaning out of windows, because of the difficulty in obtaining a good vantage point on the street.

Judge Nicola Mathers of the Auckland District Court said that the bylaw the council introduced to stop the parade was questionable. "It is not offensive per se for women to be topless. It may be distasteful to some, but in my view the council reference to offensive cannot reasonably apply in these circumstances".

I had to be very careful which videos from YouTube I posted on my blog here in Singapore - wanna see 'more'?? Just visit YouTube. Or for full photo galleries, just search for "Boobs on Bikes" on Google. :D

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