Sunday, August 24, 2008

Amazing Race Asia 3 - Starring Miss Universe

The Amazing Race Asia 3 premieres on AXN (StarHub Ch19) on 11 Sep at 9pm. A special preview entitled "Racers Revealed", will air on 4Sep at 9pm. One of the highlights will be Canadian beauty queen, Natalie Glebova, who won the Miss Universe pageant in 2005.

She is not a Thai citizen, but she will be representing the "Land of Smiles" as a contestant in the upcoming third season of the popular reality TV show.

26-year-old Natalie has applied to be a permanent resident after marrying Thailand's top tennis player and a former world No9, Paradorn Srichaphan in November last year.

After winning the 2005 Miss Universe title (held in Thailand), she went back for work and ended up living here and marrying a Paradorn.

Now how does this work? - 27-year-old Paradorn was not even aware that Natalie had applied as a contestant, nor was he aware of the filming that took a month. That's a pretty big secret to keep from your husband.

The US version of The Amazing Race is Natalie's favourite TV show, and she signed up with her good friend and former bridesmaid, 25-year-old Pailin Rungratanasunthorn, who won the Miss Earth Thailand competition in 2006.

Due to the show's confidentiality clauses, Natalie could only tell Paradorn about her participation two weeks ago, when it was officially announced.

So how do you keep such a secret from your life partner?

Said Natalie - 'I travel a lot, hosting and presenting TV shows. It's been like this ever since we started dating, so he thought I was just going for work again. He was shocked when he found out (I was on the show). We had a good laugh about it.'

At one point during the filming of the Amazing Race Asia 3, Natalie apparently broke down and cried, because she missed her loved ones so much.

She said - 'I couldn't communicate with my family and friends. I couldn't even call my mum on her 50th birthday. And I wanted to be home with my husband. I was losing my temper, complaining, wanting to give up, wishing it'd all be over. I was surprised because I'm usually a calm, patient person.'

According to Natalie, there were a few challenges that required mental strength, and she believes that she succedded better than any of the the guy teams.

She said that it was tough not to look 'worse and worse' as the race progressed, and to maintain personal hygiene. 'I can deal with being tired, hungry and sleepy, but being dirty for me was the hardest - especially when sometimes it was just impossible to shower. Every night I HAVE to wash all my make-up off, floss, brush my teeth. If I don't get to do that, I feel gross about myself'.

I for one, cannot wait for this season to start - I am a huge fan of Amazing race Asia - maybe when our baby is a little bigger, Sammi and I may even consider applying ourselves!! :D

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