Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trying To Get Free Or Cheap Bus And Train Rides? Think Again - Fare Evasion Penalties Go Live!

Ever thought about it? I mean who's watching, hey? Actually, now there are many more people on the lookout than you might think. The penalties for fare evasion on buses and MRT trains began today.

The way it works, is if you don't pay the correct fare - a fine of S$20 is imposed. Take advantage of and abuse the concession card process - a fine of S$50.

Already, by 3:00pm this afternoon, 16 people had been caught for these offences, and all of the offenders were bus commuters.

By all reports, the biggest offenders trying to rort the system, are people abusing student concession cards. It is believed that fare evasion is costing around S$9 million each year - and guess who pays for this? - Yes, the innocent law-abiding commuter - so bring it on!!

TransitLink, SBS Transit and SMRT, conducted a public education campaign in May and June and announced the upcoming introduction of the penalty system on May 2nd. TransitLink alone had issued over 10,000 warning letters during between then and now to offenders. However from now, the guilty ones will be fined.

All public transport officials will carry an identification card and issue a receipt once the fine is paid.

Offenders can pay on the spot or at any of TransitLink's offices and Add-Value Machines located at bus interchanges and MRT stations. They have up to 14 days to do so. Any appeals should also be made within this time.


An additional penalty of S$1,000 will be imposed for failure to pay the fine by the due date. Also, if you refuse to offer up your name and personal details to the public transport official, or provide false information, you will also be liable for a S$1000 fine.

Now here's the big one - get caught as a repeat offender - you will be liable for a fine of S$2,000 or be jailed up to six months, or both.

Although the transport operators are already catching more than 300 fare cheats everyday, it is believed that the number of actual offenders is much, much higher.

GREAT STUFF - Now can they also start issuing fines for people not giving way to prams in the pram aisle, or people not giving way to the elderly, pregnant ladies and prams in the elevators at the MRT stations?... and what about throwing the book at the fit and healthy 'great pretenders' (those pretending to sleep), who downright ignore and refuse to offer up their seats to the elderly and pregnant who clearly need them??

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