Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sex Parties For Swingers - Now The Latest Trend In Malaysia?

The subject of swinging sex parties has been a very hot topic in the Malaysian media this weekend. For people not familiar or accustomed to the 'scene' - after much research, I have collected and put together some information provided from unnamed source/s on what actually happens at these 'parties'.

Firstly, how does one go about joining one of these clubs? Well, it seems like the most simple way is to just checkout the ads on the internet.

Interestingly enough, a Google search for "swinger malaysia" returned more than two and a half million hits!!

In a country where such activities are looked upon very poorly, many people are 'discreetly' still going about their business.

According to the proprietor of one of the most popular swingers clubs in Malaysia, most of the members are either successful business people or prominent corporate figures who place great importance in keeping their swinging activities a secret.

But what actually goes on at these parties?

According to the same unnamed source, people join swinging groups by invitation from other members or by paying a monthly fee of RM150. The owner of the group, or host, is the only one who can approve a membership.

"Upon joining, you will receive an email asking for personal details. You must include your phone number and attach a current picture of you and your partner."

Charges per session vary according to the hotel and number of people.

"We share the cost of the hotel room. It is usually between RM50 and RM70 per couple. We try to meet at least once a month. Some members organise private meetings, without the knowledge of the club, where they invite selected couples."

Also occasionally, there are last minute parties. This usually happens when there was a foreign couple visiting Malaysia with a request to meet swingers.

The members of this particular club are in their 20s to late 40s. "Most of the women are in their 20s, and the men in their late 30s or early 40s. We only have a handful of members in their 50s."

Swingers who attend the party are free to bring whatever "items" they want.

"Some items are compulsory, like protection and towels. Other things like adult toys are optional. You are welcome to bring soft drinks, beer, liquor and even finger food if you want."

There is usually a minimum of four couples per session. But this club has had had up to 10 couples at a party.

"Swingers prefer more couples, the more the merrier. You have more choices to swap and watch."

First timers do not need to swap partners until they are ready. But being naked is a requirement.

"The majority of first timers are hesitant to swap partners in the beginning. But as the party goes late into the night, they get more and more comfortable."

According to the source, safety of female members is assured. "There is one house rule which is final. When a lady says 'no' to a guy or couple, it means 'no'."

So, how does a swinging party work? "We start with casual conversation. Then proceed to card games where the loser has to strip off a piece of clothing. This goes on until everyone is naked. After that, couples take turns to shower and sometimes two couples shower together.

"After showering, we cover the room with comforters from the bed. Couples usually start the session with their own partner. Eventually they move on to other members. One thing leads to another and it goes on until midnight."

Although many are choosing this lifestyle swinging is not for everyone.

"You must ensure your partner, especially the lady, is ready and willing to watch her partner with other women, in the same room."

Hmmmm... everyone to their own, I guess - I don't think the swingers 'scene' is really my cup of tea. Is it yours??

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Anonymous said...

Even if this is an old article, I wouldn't name it "a trend". Swinging is a lifestyle, for real. We are into it for 5 years and we enjoy every part of it. Not to mention that swinging saved our marriage not once. We are not really into clubs, we prefer to chat with other couples on swinginglove.club and if we feel any connection, we are inviting them to a drink and if we like them, we are inviting them over.
So, I came to this article because we are planning a trip to Malaysia soon, so we are looking forward to meeting new couples from this lovely country.