Thursday, July 17, 2008

Both The District And High Court Have Done It Again - Sentences Way Too Low For Both The Sicko Child Molester And The MediaCorp Scammer!

I just cannot makes sense of the inconsistent penalties being handed down for crimes lately in Singapore. Many of my previous posts have touched on this issue - from murderers to drug couriers to contraband cigarette smugglers (among others).

But the most recent couple of 'highly publicised' sentences handed down over the last 48-hours just reek of inadequacies in the process - both in the High Court and the District Court respectively.


What is the appropriate sentence for a drug addict that forces his 5-year-old daughter to perform oral sex on him? His own flesh and blood no less!! We have seen many death sentences handed down for far lesser crimes than such hideous abuse of the most innocent of victims - this girl, now 8-years-old will have to live with this trauma for the rest of her life.

To answer my own question - the deviant needs to be hung upside down by his private parts, and his life be slowly drained away.

Instead, the wise High Court issued a sentence of just 15 years jail - not even one stroke of the cane!

The 'low-life' is a recalcitrant drug abuser and is already accustomed to a life behind bars. He was only released back to society at the end of 2005 - released to help take care of his baby - how can the authorities allow this to happen - are they not somehow to blame here for putting this child in danger?

A couple of months after the 'family reunion' in 2005, the miscreant forced the poor little girl to perform oral sex on him. Just five years of age!! My heart is bleeding right now as I write this article. How can one even imagine this?

On Wednesday, the 38-year-old jobless man was jailed for 15 years by the High Court after admitting that he made his young daughter perform oral sex on him six times. He also admitted to sniffing glue.

In sentencing the man, Justice Woo Bih Li said a father should protect and love his daughter, but instead, he took advantage of her to satisfy himself. 'I have no sympathy for you,' said the judge. But then proceeded to impose such a ridiculously lenient sentence

When the girl was six months old, her mother walked out of the family while the man was in a drug rehabilitation centre. The infant was left in the care of the man's mother but she later became bedridden from a stroke. Since 2001, the girl's aunt has been taking care of her.


That's a profit of around $30,000!!! He has pleaded guilty, been sentenced in the district court, but is still allowed to walk away with such a handsome bottom-line. How is this possible?

Being in a position of responsibility, Teh Gim Leng should have known that his actions would have “caused harm to many people”, according to District Court Judge Toh Yung Cheong.

Teh is a former senior accounts manager with MediaCorp Enterprises, who on Tuesday had pleaded guilty to accepting cash and petrol vouchers from 16 members of the public in exchange for selecting them as daily winners of a lucky draw.

He has been sentenced to jail and ordered to pay a penalty for accepting kickbacks totalling $35,900 to rig the lucky draw last year.

The judge sentenced the 28-year-old to three months’ jail and imposed a penalty of $5,900 under the provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act. What the?? What about the rest of the money he scammed? Maybe he wants to take a vacation to the Bahamas once he's released in just 12-weeks time??

Judge Toh said that Teh’s actions had harmed the contest organisers and his former employer.

The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) conducted an investigation after being tipped off last October that Teh had conspired with Alan Leng Chin Wei to rig the draw.

Leng would get his friends to participate in the draw, while Teh would pick them as winners, using his computer to e-mail the results to the contest organiser. Leng has not been charged (once again - what the????).

Teh is currently out on $10,000 bail, and has been given until Wednesday to begin his sentence. This, he said, will allow him to spend time with his sick mother and also to put his affairs in order - maybe he's at the travel agent right now making those vacation plans!!!????

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