Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bali Bombers Plea - 'Bullets Might Hurt Them' - So What?

Lawyers for the three Islamic militants on death row over the 2002 Bali bombings today legally raised a new challenge to their upcoming executions.

The lawyer for the killers, Mahendradatta has argued that "the convicted terrorists could suffer unnecessary pain if they do not die immediately" when the lethal punishment is carried out.

This is just another attempt to delay the executions of the three psychopaths - Amrozi, his brother Mukhlas and Imam Samudra. The three are due to be executed at any time now for their part in the 2002 Bali bombings, which killed 202 people, 88 of which were Australians.

If the first bullet from the Indonesian firing squad does not kill them instantly, then they will be shot a second time to ensure the job is done properly.

Amrozi's defence lawyers have said that he will most probably feel pain until he is shot a second time (if the first bullet does not kill him).

They went on to say, "Amrozi was sentenced to death, not to be tortured. On Tuesday or Wednesday at least we will submit a material challenge to the Constitutional Court about this law."

"We will seek the execution without pain - we have to encourage the government and legislators to find a way to execute without pain,'' he added.

The three terrorists have never expressed remorse for their non-Muslim victims of the Bali bombings which they organized. These latest comments have sparked anger among the families of the 202 victims killed along with the survivors, and rightly so!

In the past, lawyers for the three have launched various legal challenges when their executions have drawn near, which has resulted in delays.

According to News.com.au:

"Security is tight around their island prison home as authorities continue with their preparations for the execution.

Bambang Winahyo, the head of Central Java's Justice Office, said authorities were expecting about 15 supporters of the Islamic hardliners to try to reach Nusakambangan Island, off Central Java.

"We are coordinating with police to guard the Wijayapura port," he said.

"Only those who have a relationship with Amrozi, like their families and lawyers, will be allowed in. The others cannot - journalists also are not allowed to see them."

He said no extra security was needed "because the prison itself is already in the middle of the sea."

Bali prosecutors had visited Batu prison to again ask whether the three would seek clemency from the president but were told by the head of the facility that "the three of them have rejected clemency'', he added


As a personal friend of victim/s of the 2002 bombings, and after seeing the severe burns and months of rehabiliation needed by survivors, along with the despair of families who lost loved ones, I need to question why anyone should be concerned with any of these gutless mongrels suffering some pain upon their execution. They certainly didn't show any concern for the pain endured by their innocent victims and still to this day have no remorse.




Anonymous said...

I would give them the beheadings they wish for but the blade would be very dull....

Brown Sugar said...

I would dig their hearts out with a blunt rusty spoon, all 72 of them.