Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Do You Speak English? Lost In Translation!

A couple of very humourous scenarios where being multi-lingual would be very helpful. A bit of video fun in today's Aussie Pete article.

Scenario 1: Imagine you are driving through the French countryside, when your car unexpectedly breaks down. The only person available for miles cannot speak English. Nor can he speak German!! OR CAN HE?? What would you do?

(Be sure to pause the streaming 'O Singapura' on the left menu before playing videos)

Scenario 2: Some of the world's leading CEOs in town for a meeting and the company translator is not available. Only one staff member can translate all the languages to English - OR CAN SHE??

Finally, from the 'Aussie Pete' video archives... Everything can be bought for the right price - does this include your own life??


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the signs at the beginning of the first video are in French, but at the end of the video they speak German. Makes it even more international ;)

Aussie Pete said...

Haha - thanks for catching me mate... I've changed the opening description to "French Countryside"... :p