Saturday, May 10, 2008

Winner of the Facebook Global Cutest 'Mixed Baby' Competition - Jaime Zheng Jiayang

Our little boy was voted by the facebook community as the cutest 'mixed baby' on the internet, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to show off and brag about this. I've attached some pictures and a cute video shot today at home. Jaime has his own flash website (where all his professional photo shoot pics reside, as well as other fun stuff), as well as a domain for things "All About Baby". We're trying to increase his page ranking, so would be greatly indebted to anyone with websites or blogs creating a link to either of these pages for him - you can find the URLs at the end of this blog... (please friends)...

Firstly, here is the picture that won him the cutest mixed baby on facebook competition (edited by the FB people after het was awarded 1st place). The original pic is just one of the professional photo shoot pics you can see on his flash website. Thankyou to all those FB members who took the time to vote for him.

We were getting ready to makan this afternoon (for all the foreigners, that's 'eat' in Malay). We went for steamboat over at Sin Ming Plaza on Upper Thomson Road. While we were preparing to leave, we just had a CD playing, and Jaime always seems to be at his most relaxed listening to any type of music. Unusually, he got so relaxed that he began nodding off while sitting up - we'd never seen him do this before, and obviously found it to be one of the cutest and funniest things we'd even seen (could not let this go without capturing a quick video - below).

Here's a picture taken just after the video - he's much happier sleeping while laying down:

COMMENT: Please, please help us to increase Jaime's page ranking by adding a link to one of the following sites for him - we would be very, very grateful for this. :p

Jaime's Flash Website:


All Things Baby - all about having a baby in Singapore:

Just to finish off this post, please find a few of the pics from Jaime's photoshoot:

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