Sunday, 30 January 2011

Exclusive - Calling All Local and International Bloggers - Huge, Huge Prizes!!

Now this really is an exclusive!! Remember, you read it right here first at 'Aussie Pete' (and I'm sure you're going to see and hear more over the coming weeks in other media outlets).

MICA (Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts) has done it again. The official 'Gateway to Singapore' web portal,, has launched a campaign where bloggers stand to win big time (Holidays and iPads)!!

It all revolves around a new blog portal known as "BlogFriends", where 'yours truly' is honoured to be one of the guest star bloggers... Click here to see my article/s at!!

The competition, known as "Blog Friends of Singapore", will take place from 28 Jan – 4 Mar 2011.

There are actually two great sub-contests in this:

(1) "Blog Friends of", which is open to all Singaporeans to share their Singapore stories.

(2) "Blog Friends of" which is open to all non Singaporeans and Singapore PRs to blog about their Singapore Experience.

For each sub contest, there will be five(5) winning bloggers chosen for a final "Blog-Off" round to select one overall champion – who will be offered the opportunity to join us and guest blog for as well!!

To join, enter and maybe win these fabulous prizes, check out the sites now:




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