Friday, 8 October 2010

Seriously Spooky - Listen Only If You Dare (Or Close Your Browser Now)

If you are easily frightened, close your browser window now and DO NOT listen to the following sound recording!!

It seems that I missed this story when it came out some time ago, but this is seriously spooky - a REAL HAUNTED SOFA (as in a 'lounge' or a 'couch', depending on which country you hail from)!

According to 52-year old Christine, "One Sunday morning I sat down on it with a cup of tea and suddenly heard this odd squeaky noise... I thought I must be going mad but Poppy, my Yorkshire terrier, heard it too... She started sniffing around but then got scared and ran away... It could be an alien for all we know. The noise is getting louder and louder. I'm scared it's going to come bursting out one evening while we're watching TV."

Christine's husband, 54-year old Nigel, now refuses to sit on the family sofa alone until the haunting has been investigated!

OK - here's a suggestion - SELL THE COUCH!! Or failing that, get some serious pyschological help!!

Aside - the surname of Christine and Nigel is... wait for it... "STRANGE" - That's right, Christine and Nigel Strange. With a name like that, and the fact that they are from the UK - hmmm, you make your own judgement!

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