Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Aussie Pete Blog Now Read In 100 Countries and 47 Languages

Some time ago, Aussie Pete blog reached a milestone and had a ‘make-over’. I think the time has come again for a bit of a facelift, but I will wait until after the OMY Blog Awards ceremony is over and judging completed.

As I reflect on the excitement I felt when I reached the 10K readers per month, it seems I take the high traffic for granted these days – although I obviously have a strong desire to continue building quality traffic. Last time, I showed statistics on the site that I had collected from Sitemeter.

This time, I have the luxury of utilizing the really neat features of Google Analytics, which also enables me to set goals in relation to where I’m falling below benchmarks. One particular statistic and benchmark I’m not sure about though, is ‘Bounce Rate”… given my site is a blog (as opposed to a business or online shop), I’m guessing that the bounce rate will always be very high (and pages per visit low), given many visitors (especially those that have landed via a search engine) are looking for or researching one particular article only, and have no desire to dive deeper into the website – I’ve heard that any site with a Bounce Rate greater than 30% needs to do some work – I guess I’m in trouble if that’s the case :D

OK – Latest Stats Follow Here
*** NB: Data represents a four day block of traffic ***


Top 10 Countries:








5. BENCHMARKS (Areas for Improvement?)
*** Data over 1-month ***


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