Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Jade Seah Has Nothing On Naomi Robson

Jade Seah made headlines in Singapore this year during the coverage of the Olympic Games, when she was reported to have dropped an "F" bomb live on air.

Well this is nothing when it comes to the infamous Aussie journalist, Naomi Robson. This story has been covered in many reports across Australia over quite a long period, but for my International friends, let me explain (through YouTube) what happens when one uses the word 'f***' repeatedly while the soundmen are still rolling the tapes.

Warning: Graphic Language

PHASE 1: The Original Outburst

PHASE 2: The Apology

PHASE 3: The Resignation

Naomi Robson Tribute


Harmony said...

Hmm... unlucky girl

Anonymous said...

She was still on "A Current Affair" (or was it Today Tonight?) about two years ago. Where did she go?

Haven't been seeing her on TV lately.