Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sick Chinese Video Craze - Pretty Girls Crushing Bunnies (Warning: Graphic)

I often embed videos in my articles, because it makes for a more entertaining and interactive post.

But I am so sickened by what I've just watched online, there is no way I would subject my readers to make the association of my blog to the sickos that are paying young Chinese girls between 200 and 400 yuan (S$40 to S$80) to crush small rabbits to death.

Known as "crush fetishists", the people who have uploaded these very graphic videos have taken a hammering from Chinese netizens (after a 'human flesh' search discovered the identity and located one of the girls from one of the scenes in the video).

In a country where internet censorship rules the day, I am bewildered as to why the sites and all of the embedded videos are still available online to the 420 million web users in China. In the series of videos, several smiling and young attractive girls can be seen first cuddling and playing with small bunnies... then moving onto crushing them and giggling all the way like young schoolgirls.

There is a scene where a young woman puts a bunny on the table, covers it with a sheet of glass and then sits on it for close to a minute. When she's finished, she lifts the glass up to show bunny corpse - with blood oozing out of its its nose.

In another scene, one of the girls crushes one of the helpless animals under her high heel shoes.

According to China Radio International, the identified girl, is Huang Xiaoxiao. She is quoted as saying that she had been paid to appear in several videos - payments range from 100 yuan for crushing fruit, 200-300 yuan for "other small animals" and as much as 400 yuan for rabbits.

Apparently these kind of animal crush videos are sold to fetishists who get some kind of sexual satisfaction from watching them. (WTH - How?) According to the US-based Humane Society, there is a bill to ban such videos ready to be voted into law in the United States, where many of the customers buying the sick DVDs reside.

The website that started all the commotion is extremely popular and often controversial. Let me warn you right now, the following links contain very, very graphic material and not for the squeamish... I consider myself pretty immune to many things, but these images and videos have left some scars that will take a while to heal, let me tell you.

Link to all the graphic detail at ChinaSmack

Link to Mop

After a little bit more research, I soon discovered that this is actually not something new. Read on...

According to a very detailed background on the 'crush fetish' groups (source: China Smack):

"Many Mop netizens and even more netizens would believe this is an isolated incident, would believe that the girls in the video have psychological problems. Actually, this is not so, because behind these girls is an entire interest group, an interest group known as “crushfetish”, and all of them, including the other girls that appeared in the video, are members of abusing to death little animals. Their reason for making videos of abusing and killing animals is to make enormous profit, by making their videos into compact discs [CDs/DVDs], and exporting them. As with the the videos of a middle-aged woman abusing cats, abusing rabbits, abusing dogs that appeared online before, she is just one member only.

After the video and information about the woman abusing and killing rabbits were made public, at 3pm today, a netizen shared everything he knew about the profiteering group/organization that abuses and kills animals to make videos, having infiltrated this cruel group for have a year. However, due to high security within the group, he was unable to make much progress for a long time. After a lot of asking around, he obtained this group’s chat records and content and photos, as well as many of this group’s videos involving the abuse and killing of animals.

In relevant chat records, a person called “天堂之音-老R” made a comment regarding opinions about the video that appeared at the time in March involving a woman abusing various animals. He said: Those who like CF [Crush Fetish] are not people who like violence and murder as is commonly propagated, but rather an extension of SM [sadomasochism], a level, a desire to be trampled to death by a female, giving one’s life to her…and those who [are proponents] for legislation against animal abuse and killing, [they] should ask themselves if they are vegetarians."

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State of Eternal Love said...

this is some sick sh*t! thanks for the post pete, even though it infuriates me to see such cruelty.

i hope all those involved, including those who derive pleasure from CF, get punished and treatment for their illness.