Monday, 12 November 2012

Freakish Talented Body Art - These Are Not Photoshopped!

Anyone could well be forgiven for thinking that the following images have been photoshopped  - well they haven't!!

They are actually real works of art by an amazingly talented student at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan.
Chooo-San has created a series of hyper-realistic illusions painted with acrylic paints on naked skin.

The very strange and even skin-crawling creations include a portrait of a model with zips on her back - it sends shivers up my spine that's for sure! Also, there are electric images of light switches and plug sockets that look to be attached to the model's skin.

Or how about shoes that look like they're laced into the feet... or a belly bursting its buttons!

Chooo-San started her 'hyper-real art experimentation' earlier in 2012 with a crazy series of self portraits containing extra eyes and mouths.

"The aspiring artist began her Dali-esque experiments by drawing on her hands during study breaks."



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